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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Maya Angelou

At one point or another in her kaleidoscopic life, Maya Angelou has been an unmarried teen-aged mother, a night club dancer, a cable car conductor, a cook, a worker in a car body shop, a madam, a prostitute, a political organizer, a newspaper editor, a director, a producer, a composer, a screenwriter, an actor, a university professor, an author of a whole string of best-selling books -- most of them about her own life, and a poet laureate, not to mention the wife of a handful of men . No wonder one of her books of poetry is called Phenomenal Woman. She’s as in-your-face as they come!


  1. Ms. Angelou is a tremendous and wonderful and admirable human being.

    1. I read her memoirs start to finish. She might have been my first inkling that ordinary women (like me) could be in-your-face women.