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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hannah Emerson Duston

When Hannah Emerson Duston was taken captive with her infant daughter and a nurse by Native Americans from the Abenaki tribe in Massachusetts in 1697, one might have thought it was over for her, but Duston was an in-your-face woman. In fact, six weeks later, at the mouth of the Contoocook River, Duston waited for her captors to go to sleep and then led the nurse and a fourteen-year-old boy who had also been captured, in killing or running off everyone in the party, including some children, taking scalps in order to collect a bounty.

Whatever we might think of this story today, Duston was certainly an in-your-face woman who went on to live forty more years during which, I would assume, nobody messed with her!


  1. What happened to her daughter? What type of live did she lead?

  2. No idea, Kim. One of the things about pulling together some of these stories is that it's hard to find the information, even with modern technology...sigh.