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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Charlotte Parkhurst

Charlotte Parkhurst put on boy's clothes to avoid going to an orphanage when she was just a kid and never saw a need to put on a skirt again. In fact, nobody knew she was a biological woman until after she died in her late sixties.

Following the call of the west during the Gold Rush, "One-Eyed Charley" Parkhurst (as she became known after a horse kicked her in the face while she was shoeing it) found her spot in life on the driver's box of a stagecoach and she never let her passengers down. The first two robbers that tried to stick up her coach wound up dead in their tracks, so nobody else was ever willing to try it.

When she got too old to drive, she cut trees, raised cattle and hauled freight for her neighbors, but she hung by herself so she could live her life in peace. For rough, tough Charley Parkhurst -- and other people like her -- being lonely is just one of the prices you may have to pay for being an in-your-face woman.

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