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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marguerite Vourc’h

After the German reich had taken over her village in France and her two brothers had run for their lives, fourteen-year-old Marguerite Vourc'h stepped forward without hesitation to gather and pass on information about German soldiers, boats, and the locations of mines.  Pretending to be just a schoolgirl on her bicycle, Vourc'h delivered fake identification cards to the Resistance and hid airmen waiting to leave France -- even while German troops were billeted at her family home! 

Day after day, she would peddle the streets with folders of military information bulging among her school books.  Later, she was quoted as saying, "I was aware of risking everything, but tried not to think about it. I wasn’t scared even though one of my brothers was shot by the Germans in Paris...We wanted to be of use...That was our aim, to help win the war. I would do it all again if I had to."  Apparently, some in-your-face women start out as in-your-face girls and never get over it.

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