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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fanny Workman

Fanny Workman's father was Governor of Massachusetts in the mid-1800's and a very rich man, which she enjoyed so much that, when the time came, she married a very rich man, too. They left the U.S. to live and bike around Europe, which was fun, but not as much fun as climbing mountains, so they added that to their regular endeavors, being as they didn't have to work to support themselves and all.

Workman could have had children, of course, and some encouraged her to do so, but that would have infringed upon her traveling, exploring, lecturing, writing, biking, climbing, and map-making. So Workman just stayed busy doing what she loved and let others raise the future generation.

Aside from her wealth and her ability to force her way quite successfully into activities usually reserved for men, Workman was also known for her vigorous demands that she be recognized for whatever she did that she was proud of. It's not easy being an in-your-face woman. They want all the credit they so richly deserve and they won't be satisfied until they get it.

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