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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The End of the Beginning

A year ago today, I started a book project as a blog for which I promised to write a short introduction to an in-your-face woman every day for a year. 2012 happened to be a leap year, so here we are, 366 days later, and I never missed a single post. I delivered 366 stories of in-your-face women to you, my Faithful Readers, and from what I can gather from the stats and your comments and emails, for the most part, you enjoyed them greatly.

While I busily wrote my daily posts, my university public radio station started recording me reading some of them, which went so well, they ultimately archived them on the Public Radio Exchange for use by any public radio station in the world, routing their listeners back to my blog. Then, in the fall, I heard from one of the most prestigious girls' college preparatory schools in the nation that they might want me to come spend some time on their campus as an artist-in-residence. There's been some talk of subsequent spin-off projects in the not-so-distant future. And now, I'm going to scout out a few agents and see if any would like to represent me on this hobbit journey called publication and its aftermath.

So where does this blog go from here? I cannot possibly continue to write daily posts as I have for the past year. The plan was just to use this blog to complete the first volume of In-Your-Face Women (the book) consisting of 366 mini-bios in alphabetical order -- one for every day for a year -- so that women and girls (and anyone else who chooses to read them) could get a whole new perspective on the women of the world since time began. I followed the plan and finished step one. And frankly, it was pretty tough. Especially considering that I have a full time job with major responsibilities and some of the bios took hours to research and write.

In any case, other steps lie before me now related to In-Your-Face Women and other projects. And I am excited to move forward, but I don't what to just walk away from this blog. So, I've decided to post stories about more in-your-face women. Just not so often. I'm thinking one a week (maybe on Sundays?). And not in any particular order. You could suggest women you think I should check out. I could write occasional other pieces, listing their titles on the right hand side of the blog posts, starting out with an open letter to Diana Nyad, the sixty-three-old in-your-face woman who tried to swim from Cuba to Florida last August.

Regardless, I'm open to input at this point, so feel free to comment on this post or email me directly. And I will see you around the corner, I suspect. I'll be the in-your-face woman with the gleam in her eye coming at you when you least expect it.
NOTE: The graphic above is Somnium Sacrum (Sacred Dream), a giclee print by Steven Graber. She looks over my shoulder while I write this blog.


  1. I just discovered this as I was writing a post about Kitty O'Neil. Your article came up in a search engine and I'm so impressed. I'm obviously late to the party, but I'd love for you to keep going.

    1. Thank you for letting me know, Tara. I fully intend to.

  2. I had no idea that you had a blog, Rebecca! Well, at least this means I have hundreds of posts that I can read and ponder. I hope that you do continue to introduce and celebrate in-your-face women, because the world always needs more of it.

  3. Face Thank you for letting me know, Tara. I fully intend to.

  4. Oh, dear. It appears I'm being nudged to get back to posting In-Your-Face Women. Unfortunately, I have several projects to which I'm already committed this summer. But perhaps I could begin posting here again this fall. Would weekly posts be better than nothing?

  5. was just sent this link and now have to find a chunk of time to read this but what an undertaking...bravo! will share with my pals and maybe, just maybe, some Republicans sill see this and leave us alone! Think you have done plenty for the world but when inspiration strikes add another chapter....

  6. I really thought this would get itself published as a paperback gift book by now. Obviously, it has not. That's disappointing, though I expect it to happen at some point, regardless. Nevertheless, the 138,809 pageviews Blogger documents assures me that this is valuable in and of itself. It is in-your-face women doing what they do, changing the world while they simultaneously keep it running. ;^)