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Monday, February 27, 2012

Margaret Cho

The 2000 film version of Margaret Cho’s one-woman show, “I’m the One That I Want,” deals in graphic and sometimes garish detail with her sexuality, her ethnicity as a Korean-American woman, and her difficulties related to weight. Still, it grossed nearly a million and one-half dollars from only nine prints, making it the highest grossing film in history in proportion to its availability. Her comedy shows -- with titles such as "Revolution" and "Assassin" -- unapologetically feature aggressive commentary on conservative politicians, bold statements on women's beauty and sexuality, and open promotion of gay marriage as a right, getting her much attention, both negative and positive. But her latest book declares on its cover, I Have Chosen To Stay And Fight, so it looks like Cho -- whose image appears on red t-shirts as a take-off on Che Guevara -- is going nowhere but where she wants to go.

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