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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Abigail Kelley Foster

Unlike some who fought only to abolish slavery in the mid-1800's, Abigail Kelley Foster also supported the rights of full citizenship for African-Americans. And besides being against war, she was openly against all forms of government coercion. In fact, she was so forcefully supportive of all rights for all people in the United States (including women!) that those who followed her example came to be called "Abby Kelleyites."

Speaking to crowds with men and women in attendance (which was considered very in-your-face at that time), Foster was always out ahead of the pack. So she and her radical activist husband refused to pay taxes on their farm because she wasn't allowed to vote. The government responded by seizing the property, which had served as a refuge for weary activists and a stop on the Underground Railroad. Sometimes, in-your-face women pay dearly for their choices.

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