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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nancy Morgan Hart

Born in the mid-1700's, Nancy Morgan Hart was six feet tall with red hair and a smallpox-scarred face, but she was unconcerned with such unimportant details and, in fact, was better known anyway for her hot temper, fearlessness and commitment to exacting vengeance if you did her -- or her family -- wrong.

After the Revolutionary War broke out, according to one well corroborated tale, five or six British soldiers showed up at the Hart family cabin in Georgia once and when the dust settled, Nancy had shot two of them to death and held the other three until her husband showed up so they could hang the rest.  Other stories suggest she could carry a heavy feed bag for miles, she was such a good shot that she sometimes served as a sniper for the revolutionary forces, and the local Native Americans appear to have called her something that may have translated as "Warrior Woman."

Today, Hart County is the only one of Georgia's 157 counties that's named for a woman.  An in-your-face woman, that is.

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