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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mai Sukhan

Little is known about Mai Sukhan, an in-your-face Sikh woman who distinguished herself for her courage and military prowess in the early 1800's in the Punjab region connecting India and Pakistan. When her husband died, leaving her in charge of the land they ruled, the Sikh Emperor from Lahore decided to move on the city of Amritsar, which is sacred to the Sikh, but Sukhan begged to differ.

Instead of giving up the famous Zamzama gun made of copper and brass as the Emperor had demanded that she do, Sukhan sealed the city and posted her warriors in strategic positions for a brutal military battle. While she did not win, the Emperor was forced to realize that Sukhan was a contender worth considering and ultimately gave her five or six villages rather than disrespecting her by offering no concessions.

In-your-face women win even when they don't win. And even when they don't win at all, they go down swinging.

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