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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Susan Still-Kilrain

Susan Still-Kilrain is an aeronautical engineer with a Master's degree in aerospace engineering. That would seem to be enough for anybody. But it wasn't enough for her.

As a Naval aviator, Still-Kilrain has logged more than 3,000 flight hours in thirty different aircraft. And before she retired as an astronaut, she had traveled more than 7.8 million miles as Shuttle Commander on two Columbia flights in 1997.

Still-Kilrain was in training when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded with all on board in 1986, but like the in-your-face woman she was, she continued anyway. "I knew the risks," she told one reporter. "I knew the astronauts on the Challenger knew the risks. So I just kept going."

Now, the former astronaut travels around telling audiences of her fans that anyone can be anything, so "Live Your Dream." That makes it sound as if any girl can be an in-your-face woman. Which is absolutely true.

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