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Monday, August 20, 2012

Christina Sanchez

Some people think bullfighting is horrifying. Spaniard Christina Sanchez -- who killed 316 bulls in her six year career as a bullfighter -- counters that she thinks what is done in slaughter houses is far more cruel. And there you have it. An in-your-face woman's response to someone questioning her choices.

Sanchez was twenty-one when she graduated third in her class of one hundred at Madrid's Escuela de Tauromaquia. She rapidly drew such crowds in Ecuador and Mexico, in addition to Spain, that male matadors started refusing to share billings with her. Why? Because her record and her popularity meant that her name would have to come first and be more prominent.

Frustrated, Sanchez quit performing altogether rather than accept second billing to a bunch of egoistic males who couldn't keep up. The bulls, of course, were delighted.

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