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Monday, August 6, 2012

Sarah Robles

In 2011, Sarah Robles was ranked the 11th strongest person in the world -- male or female. A three-time national champion in weightlifting, Robles can lift more than 568 pounds and qualified for the 2012 Olympic weightlifting team. One might have thought she'd have been on top of the world. Unfortunately, though, in London, she was relegated to living on $400 per month because she couldn't find a sponsor to support her. "You can get a sponsorship if you're a super-built guy or girl who looks good in a bikini," Robles explained, "but not if you're a girl who's built like a guy."

Her fans disagreed and started a Twitter campaign to encourage sponsors to step up and support a woman that's built -- not a like a guy -- but like a woman who's the 11th strongest person in the world. This is a sport, y'all. It ain't about being "cute." And even in-your-face women need friends.

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