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Monday, August 13, 2012

Running Eagle

Under normal circumstances, when a Blackfoot woman's father dies in battle, she just hopes somebody rides out there and brings back his body. But not Brown Weasel Woman. She jumped on a horse and brought it back herself.

The warriors of the tribe were, needless to say, impressed. So they gave her a new name (Running Eagle), invited her to join a warrior society, and in due time, even made her a war chief. As a chief, she not only took part in many raids and led many war parties, but she was allowed to tell about her adventures in the Medicine Lodge ceremonies.

Unfortunately, the Flathead tribe, enemies of the Blackfoot, didn't appreciate Running Eagle's valor. So when she got caught trying to steal their horses during a battle, they unceremoniously clubbed her to death.

Being an in-your-face woman can definitely have its downsides.

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